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Untitled - Memorial
wood and dried dough
500 x 270 cm 


The work has no name but holds the story of three intertwined historical events. Starting from the year 1945, when thousands of German refugees died of hunger and sickness in Denmark. The second story goes back to 1948 when my grandparents survived the Israeli massacre in Tantoura-Palestine and became refugees in Syria.

Later in 2019, I became a refugee myself in Denmark, and the third story unfold during a Christmas dinner, I accidentally met the son of one of the survivors of the Danish neglected refugee camp in Oksbøl.
The three stories weave a causational history meeting on the land of Denmark.


The structure/the memorial/ the portal is made of wood and carries a curtain of beads made of flour and salt – the basic bread ingredients. If the German refugees had been offered bread back in 1945, the course of the work's story would have unfolded differently.


Photos by David Stjernholm

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