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The Herbal Garden in Sigynsgade
The Herbal Garden in Sigynsgade

The Herbal Garden in Sigynsgade

A collaboration with Amr Hatem
ongoing project in Sigynsgade - Copenhagen

The Herbal Garden in Sigynsgade is a social art project that started in June 2021 and is still ongoing. The garden was co-created with the residents of the area and with the help of many artists who cared, nursed and encouraged us throughout the process. The garden making was followed by a series of gatherings around storytelling, gardening, and herbalism combined with herbal tea served directly from the garden.
Our garden lies between an area designated to be a ghetto area and private housing. The garden tries to make connections between these two sides of the street, and to create a community of care and personal connection.

The garden as an art project is to create a territory of unrepeatable, incommunicable, ungraspable, Gardens can claim what the language sometimes is troubled to explain. It calls for intimacy and collectivism, therefore every garden is always an act of Hope.

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The Herbal Garden in Sigynsgade, Samara Sallam
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