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Herbal Rituals

series of group rituals
Rønnebæksholm -Denmark

A series of group Performances were held in Rønnebæksholm's garden in the summer and Autumn of 2021. During the spring, we planted a group of herbs in the garden to use during the rituals. Each month the performance/ritual embraced one of the seasonal herbs through caring, consuming, and drinking, accompanied by Arabic folk storytelling and Myths. The stories told in these group rituals were connected directly to the herb and the month's theme, such as Communing, Thriving, Harvesting, Returning, and Slowing. The body of the rituals is based on the language of witchcraft practices and hypnosis. Linguistic games connect our psyche to our bodies, earth, plant, water, and the seasonal cycle.

Herbal ritual, art performances
Herbal ritual, art performances
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