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Sacred Internet in Climatime

‘Sacred Internet In Climatime’ and its mirror ‘Climatime Shadow’

Two companion Short Films
17:00 minutes
2021 Denmark/USA/Algeria

Collaborated with the artist Kate Sterchi, the two companion films were made on a timeline that the collective “we” are currently most conscious of, our earth avatars have incarnated into mirrors of each other’s global experience. Our friendship and the work we make together is a practice of making internal and external identity markers into something more like water, an element that shifts among various states of being.
Sacred Internet in Climatime is a digital spell woven with words spoken between Kate and I from winter solstice (2020) to summer solstice (2021). In this video, words in motion collide, mutate, obstruct, and disappear into a void. Words are participatory though transient parts of storytelling as their meanings multiply with the stories held by the listener.
Climatime Shadow functions as both a shadow and an echo of Sacred Internet in Climatime. Shadow also means imagination. Climatime Shadow uses warped footage of desert landscapes we have called “home.” 

Sacred Internet in Climatime
Sacred Internet in Climatime
Sacred Internet in climatime

Installation View in Platform Kunsthal Nikolaj - Copenhagen 
Photos by Mads Holm

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